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We are living proof that dreams come true. Our channel is about our family, including our miracle babies Jackson and Calvin and their growing-up adventures. We hope our enthusiasm for life and our positive energy is contagious. Join us for new, family-friendly videos every day.




Ellie and Jared

Ellie and Jared Roll Out New Website.

Hey, we've got a brand new website where we post all kinds of cool stuff and links to our videos. You already know about it because, you're here! Welcome!

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Ellie and Jared Launch New Merch Site!

We've been working hard to find just the right fun tees for you. Check it out.

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Ellie and Jared Donate Funds for Infertility Treatment

YouTubers Ellie and Jared have struggled with infertility and know the heartbreak of disappointment. They also know the joy of success as infertility treatments helped them to become pregnant. Now they want to help other couples who need treatments.

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Ellie + Jared


Ellie Mecham was born and raised in Utah. The youngest of 5 children in a close-knit family, Ellie was instilled with a love for life and a strong work ethic from a very early age. She met Jared when her sister married one of Jared’s friends and Jared came to the wedding. They were married one year later. Ellie worked as a cosmetologist in a local salon while Jared finished his college education at BYU. After struggling for nearly three years to start their family, Ellie was diagnosed with PCOS, and their infertility journey began. After many heartbreaks and disappointments, they finally became pregnant with Jackson. And a short 9 months after his birth, they unexpectedly became pregnant with Calvin. Now with two very active boys, Ellie is a full-time mom and busy YouTuber with her own personal channel focusing on motherhood, fashion, beauty and cooking. If there is one philosophy that has punctuated Ellie’s life up to this point, it would be the importance of family. Nothing is more important to Ellie than a stable, loving and nurturing home where her boys can be raised and know they are loved and secure.


Jared Mecham was born and raised in Washington. He is the fifth child in a family of six children. He was active in music and sports from an early age. As a singer and guitar player, Jared is instant entertainment, not only around the house but at various venues at church throughout the community. During high school, he discovered a talent for pole vaulting and was accepted to BYU as a pole vaulter on the track team. The rigors of practice and training soon revealed a congenital hip issue, which ended his pole vaulting career. Recovering enough to resume his education and other plans, Jared served an LDS mission in Finland where his hip issue again interrupted his plans. He returned home to undergo complete hip reconstruction surgery. It was at this time that he met Ellie, who provided some significant motivation to recover and get back on his feet. Shortly after his recovery and return to BYU, Jared and Ellie were married. Jared’s unfailingly positive attitude has carried him through some devastating disappointments and trials, from hip surgeries to infertility challenges. His motto is “attitude is everything.”


Jackson Mecham is an energetic and active 3-year old. He is fearless. He will climb anything, jump off anything, dive into anything or try anything—except tomatoes. Sometimes this makes Ellie and Jared a bit nervous, but mostly they watch with pride as he tackles new challenges with confidence. Jackson’s favorite things are rocks, cars and his brother Calvin.


Calvin is the Mecham Miracle Baby. Despite Ellie’s PCOS, Calvin was a surprise pregnancy. The first few months of pregnancy were pretty rough for Ellie, but she endured them like a champ. But, Calvin was not through putting his Mom through her paces as his first few months of life were fraught with issues of reflux and not sleeping—ever. Somehow, Calvin managed to get it together and grow into a healthy and rambunctious toddler who can nearly eat his weight in food every day. Calvin’s favorite things are animals—both the stuffed and live variety—especially his favorite dog Penny.


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