So, What’s the story behind the stories?

The reason we started vlogging so many years ago was that I had never heard my Grandpa Mecham’s voice. I didn’t want my kids to go through that with my Dad. I wanted to work on projects with my Dad and create something together with him. Something that we could be proud of. Something that we could enjoy as well as others around the world. What better way to accomplish this than by creating kid’s books? My Dad is an author, and we each have stories we want to share.  So, in 2017, we started working on a book. It didn’t take long for us to create a fun story about our sweet little puppy, Penny. We were so lucky to find an illustrator who could bring our imagination directly to the page.







One sample print later, we were ready!

… Until something more pressing came up.

In the middle of vlogging daily, raising kids, working with companies, and creating this kid’s book, our family decided to create a family cookbook. Now, this certainly wasn’t a bad thing. However, unfortunately, but not regretfully, we had to put the “Penny Book” on the back burner for now.

The Family Cookbook took a full year of hard work from the entire family. We searched for old family photos, dug through recipes, scheduled photoshoots, wrote everything down, created a layout, found a printer, designed the book, everyone worked so hard to make this happen. At long last, the cookbook was done! It was a huge success and we were so proud of the stories behind the cookbook!

Now, back to the kid’s books!

… Until something more pressing came up.

In the middle of vlogging daily, raising kids, working with companies, creating this kid’s book, and creating the family cookbook, we decided to start a Women’s Clothing line, Bollie Brand. Now, if we thought the cookbook took time, the clothing line was a whole different ball game! Again, unfortunately, but not regretfully, we had to put the “Penny Book” on the back burner for at least another year. Launch after launch, we finally found a place where we felt a little caught up with ourselves to the point where we could add a little more to our plates.

Now back to the kid’s books!

Not only could we finish creating the Penny book, but we were also able to create ANOTHER kid’s book called “The Boy Who Talked To Rocks”!

Sometimes we find that things can get in the way of something that we want to do. But those things that got in our way were NOT bad things. In fact, they were great! We were able to create some incredible things as a family, and as a business. The important lesson that I learned, is that while it’s difficult to juggle everything at once, sometimes it’s okay to place one of the juggling balls down and really juggle the rest of them well before you can pick it back up again. So, with that being said…

Now, the good news.

With your support, we are so proud to announce that both of our kid’s books are now live for order! “Pretty Penny and Her Very Best Friend” and “The Boy Who Talked To Rocks” each share a special message about friendship, understanding, and kindness that kids will find easy to understand.

Obviously, “Pretty Penny and Her Very Vest Friend” is about our sweet little dog, Penny. And “The Boy Who Talked To Rocks” is about our little boy, Jackson. In case you didn’t know, he is OBSESSED with rocks! He had one in his hand or his pocket where ever he went. Here are some inspiration photos that helped create the book.

Jackson holding a rockJackson sitting in rocks Penny is muddy!


Both books are filled with beautiful color illustrations that make it hard to turn the page!

Speaking of turning the page, in addition to the physical books, we also have available Audio Read-Alongs! This is a great way to add even more to the books.  Each audio file (.mp3) reads the book in a very fun, animated way and has a page-turning sound indication to make sure kids follow along on the right page!

Our kids love them, and we know your kids or grandkids will too!

You can order the physical books and audiobooks by clicking the link below!


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